| Where a little hospitality goes a long way

​Mommy's Maid Service, LLC

​Where a little hospitality goes a long way

At  MOMMY'S MAID SERVICE, we value both our new and loyal customers. If you are a loyal, new, or future client, check out these great offers. We look forward to redeeming them soon. Remember:"Where a little hospitality goes a long way...."

Referral Program

Refer two people to Mommy's Maid Service. Once they have taken advantage of our services, you will receive a free window cleaning!!! (Go to our Contact Us page and enter your information and provide your referrals in the comments box.)

                                                                                       Exp  Aug 31 2016

$10 Off Initial Cleaning

This coupon entitles you to $10 off your first time Initial Cleaning provided by Mommy's Maid Service.

                                                                                    Expires Aug 31, 2016